Friday, June 10, 2016

Zeus Velchanos

These are images of Boy Zeus, the Great Youth, as worshiped in ancient Crete - or at any rate as I conceive him. It's possible that I may at some time create an oil painting of this subject. What's needed is a superlative model.


  1. Sydney's blog was removed. Is he ok?

  2. I think he took it down himself. Apparently he was displeased with the way everyone, including me, disagreed with him over his Vietnam post. I wish I had some way of keeping up with him.

  3. BTW, have you noticed the way that some IS freaks have been posting to this blog? I’m rather pleased to have annoyed them.

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  5. I'm back,...I've been rather emotional of late. They made me go back on meds...they were afraid I'd hurt myself,...I wouldn't but to make them happy I'm a legal drug addict again.