Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Sun

Hitherto I've posted a full-color image based on these drawings, combining all their features. This series shows some of the steps in the process by which that picture came into being.
The enclosing rosette derives from a series of logarithmic spirals, which in turn are based on a gnomonic or stereographic projection. The resulting spiral diamond configuration is geometrically similar to the heart of a sunflower, appropriately enough.
The template below served as a guide to creating my 2-D picture. But I conceive this outline as potentially defining a parabolic dish on whose concave surface the image may be painted. The idea is to produce an image which can be dramatically illuminated by a single light source, such as a candle, similarly to one of my aluminum parabolic reflectors. I fancy this would make an excellent altar piece.
However to paint on a concave surface could be a real bitch, so I may stick with flat surfaces for painting purposes. Nonetheless I want to paint this image or something similar in a larger format than I have thus far. Also, there are other design variations for the parabolic dish that I wish to realize.

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